History Of The Programme

When Umlazi Township was built in 1962 a part of C section was remained for older persons. Therefore two roomed cottages were built in 1974 and were allocated to older persons. This was more of a retirement village as older persons were moved by the authorities from their four roomed houses to these cottages upon retirement. However there was no plan for assistance as older persons became frail, sick and indigent. In the mid 70s the women of the Christian faith called St Augustine Church identified the need for a support for the frail and sick of this village. The Housing Department of that regime allocated 3 double units that were used as a sick bay. The first volunteer of this project was Mrs. Mdletshe who became a matron of this establishment.

The Umlazi Township Council, Mothers Union of St Augustine Parish and the Amanzimtoti Rotary Club worked together in starting the 1st building that could accommodate 20 residents. The Umlazi Township council raised R25000.00 and the Amanzimtoti Rotary club raised R40000.00 and the 1st phase of the building was started. In 1995 the Home after registering as a service provider with the Department of Social Welfare started receiving the Government subsidy.

In year 2000 the Home received the grant in aid of 5 million Rands to build a 40 bed accommodation with a multipurpose centre. In 2003-2004 the management committee of that time failed to conduct business in an expected manner which resulted in the Dept of Social Welfare instituting an enquiry through its own appointed Commission. Gross irregularities emerged as a result was the ousting of that committee, and an interim committee was then instituted at a Special General Meeting whose duty was to turn the business of the Home around. In 05 November2006 an AGM of the interim committee was held whereby reports were presented, Audited Financial Statements for 2 previously unaudited periods by the ousted committee were presented and adopted. A new committee was then elected to turn the busness of the home around which they did.

Our Objectives:

  • To provide 24 hour physical care, health care and support Social counseling of both residents and families & provide information to older persons and families
  • To provide spiritual and religious services
  • To provide respite care and short term care for abused older persons
  • To provide rehabilitation services and paramedical
  • Provision of awareness programmes on older persons and HIV/AIDS
  • To provide recreational programs and transport when required by residents
  • To provide intergenertional programmes

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