Purpose of Existance

The programme exists to promote the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the elderly. We also advocate for and provide optimum care and services for the aged in the residential facility. The program ensure the sustainability of the Home and its projects


Since The Umlazi Christian Care Society is ever growing, Donations are very much appreciated,They may be in the form of voluntary workers, monetary, groceries, cloths, beds and so on, you can also just show your love and support by just visiting our facility and spend time with the elderly as an old Zulu saying states that "Indlela Ibuzwa Kwabaphambili"

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Elderly Day Care Services

Umlazi Christian Care Society(Ekhanana Old Age Home) also provides day care services for the Elderly during the day. Our professionaly trained staff provide first class care and repect for our senior citizen as the bible clearly instruct us to respect thy father and thy mother so that we may live many years on this world.

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Fight Against Elderly Abuse

Fight Against Elderly Abuse Umlazi Christian Care Society(Ekhanana Old Age Home)urges individuals, families, community groups, organizations and businesses to "Join Us" by participating in elder abuse awareness and prevention efforts. There are many ways to become involved, you can just show love to the elderly by spending some quality time or you can help anywhere needed at Ekhanana Old Age Home.

Field of Service

Older and frail Persons, Residential and day care service. Age Group: 60 & Older. Nationality: All race groups but majority is African Due to Area of operation(We’ve had Indian and coloured older persons in the past).

Why Choose Us

Umlazi Christian Care Socity (Ekhanana Old Age Home) is an ever growing intitution for the elderly, we have a majority of highly skilled staff members.